Rượu Vodka Abstynent _ 40% Vol. Thể tích thực 500ml & 700ml

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About us

Meet Akwawit - Polmos SA, a company that every day uses the full power of tradition.

Aquavit - Polmos SA is one of the leaders of the Polish and European spirit market. The company was formed from the merger of spirits Company "Wratislavia" Polmos Wrocław SA and Fermentation Industry Enterprises "Akwawit" SA in Leszno.

We are a leading manufacturer of world-famous cereal and potato vodka. We produce both pure vodkas and unusual appreciated by gourmets flavoured vodkas. The exceptional quality of our products derives from a mixture of modernity and tradition. Our alcohols are based on traditional and tested recipes, and they are produced on the most technologically advanced production lines. Being concerned about the standard of our products we have opened a specialist laboratory. Through the process of rectification and by maintaining strict control standards at all stages of the production, our products are always of the same and the highest quality. It is confirmed by the numerous awards and certificates.

A major advantage of our company is its location. Wrocław, where we are located, has an airport, great rail links and excellent road communications due to the A4 motorway. Therefore, we are able to provide our customers with efficient operations related to logistics and delivery of our products.

Experience, tradition, supported every day by modern technology as well as an excellent, qualified staff make Akwawit - Polmos SA a rapidly developing company which strengthens its position in the market. The company still gets new markets, basing its expansion on the highest quality of products and the maximum commitment to customer service.

A sustainable development, new customers and growing portfolio of its products constitute the future of Akwawit - Polmos SA.

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